Luxury home rentals - bed and breakfast Provence

Luxury home rentals - bed and breakfast Provence - B&B provence

Our family b&b is located in south of France in Provence close to Toulon
and Brignoles has been designed for luxury home rentals.
Our B&B La Roque, offer luxurious bed and breakfast accomodation, and luxury vacation rentals in Provence,

In our b&b provence we offer 3 luxury rooms with all facilities

The house has also an independant appartment next to the large pool with all facilities (AC/ kitchen...).
Free secure parking available.
Our b&b La Roque is located in the center of the green Provence in the vineyards area.

La Roque : the luxury vacation rental in France provence and prestigious bed and breakfast

Welcome in our B&B provence La Roque

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions :

Luxury home rentals - Aerial photo of bed and breakfast Provence

Luxury home rental in Provence - B&B Provence - Your apartment in Provence - Your luxury suite in Provence - Provence area

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