Provence , Vin de Provence rosé , Wine are two things that can't be separate.

At noon, drinking a chilled glass of cristal clear rosé Wine (vin de Provence) in the shade of a tree in front of the pool and you will understand then what provencal quality of living means, really enjoying simple things, taking time, beeing completey relaxed.

Rosé Wine has a long history in Provence, since more then 2000 years Provence has been producing Wine.
You can find a list of some of the most known Châteaux and Domains of Provence :

Château Peyrassol Flassans sur Issole
Château Sainte Roseline Arcs sur Argens
Château de Berne Lorgues
Château Sainte Marguerite La Londe les Maures
Château Paradis Le Luc
Château Les Valentines La Londe les Maures
Château d'Esclan
Domaine Saint André de Figuières La Londe les Maures
Domaine de Gavaisson Lorgues

You can get more informations about thoses wines through the following Website : they do even export to some several countries.
Or typing through google : achat vin Provence, or acheter vin Provence, achat vin rosé Provence, achat meilleur vin Provence, meilleur rosé Provence, achat vin rosé


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