From Saint Tropez to Monaco, from Aix en Provence to Marseille, everyone party's in Provence in summer, Nightlife in Saint Tropez, Casino in Monaco, Party on Saint tropez famous beaches like Nikki Beach, Voile Rouge , vin rosé flows on every table.


Luxury Yachts in Monaco, Cannes, Saint Tropez, huge Yacht festival in Monaco, Stars coming from all over the world, everyone wants to be in Provence to enjoy this particular way of life.

On the luxury beaches of Saint Tropez you will find bottles of 3 liters of Rosé Wine called JEROBOAM ROSE even some 6 l bottles called Mathusalem Rosé, people dancing all night, real party...

At Saint Tropez famous Bar Sennequier, you can have a drink while watching the yachts, and perhaps having a chance to be invited on board...

In Monaco, all the sports cars, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls Royce will be seen from the Café de Paris, just have a sit at the Café de Paris an watch all what is happening in Monaco.4

A few miles away from the coast, you will find Green Provence, enjoying the quietness of Provence, going to wild waterfalls like Sillans la Cascade, visiting old Abbays like le THORONET, or the famous BASILICUM OF SAINT MAXIMIN, sitting in front of the lake of BESSE SUR ISSOLE watching the nature, feeling the sun, having a walk in the wineyards area, having a chilled glass of vin rosé de Provence.

Provence is also known for the good restaurants and the local food : bouillabaisse, anchoiades, daube provencale, pesto, you will find a lot of small restaurant in the Provence Area like la Remise in Besse sur Issole, or le Jardin de Gaspard.



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