Les vins de Figuière récompensés par Wine Enthusiast

Les cuvées rosé Magali, Première, Confidentielle ont obtenu des notes excellentes dans le Wine Enthusiast

Les vins de Figuière récompensés par Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast: 88/100 pour Magali 2015
"Produced from estate-grown and purchased grapes, this easy, light-hearted wine is ready to drink. With its soft texture of red and citrus flavors, it is bright and crisp at the end"


Wine Enthusiast: 91/100 pour Première de Figuière rosé 2015
"Organic grapes grown on the estate's schist soil go into this delicious, ripe and clean wine. Shot through with a good balance of red berries, red currants and tight acidity; it has good depth of flavor along with a surface glitter of bright freshness"


Wine Enthusiast: 93/100 pour Confidentielle rosé 2015
"A portion of this estate is in the cru appellation of La Londe, based on schist soil". This single-vineyard wine is impressive in its ripe fruit and vein of fresh acidity. It is full bodied and concentrated, while keeping a light touch. It is dry, lightly structured and likely will be even better from the end of 2016."

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